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authorKevin Charles Smith, the oldest of seven children, was born in Chicago (1950) and never outgrew his fascination with Peter Pan and exploring the timeless subject matter of pirates and the high seas in all manner of books, magazine articles and internet websites over his span of years. While his professional life took him to the peak of success with the nations top companies, beginning with Carnation (now Nestle) in 1995 and ending with Kellogg, as his inner-child matured, he was quite taken by Hollywood’s swashbucklers (Errol Flynn, Burt Lancaster, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Tyrone Powers) who graced the silver screen with their daring, resourceful and exciting exploits.

After a 35 year accomplished professional career, culminating as Senior Vice-President of Marketing Services to Kellogg Company, Kevin set sail on his second passion to finally place the book that had been developing in subconscious onto paper. Realizing there is very little information on the subject of pirates in general, he made it a personal goal to craft a fictional story about pirates, capturing their unique way of life. It was no surprise when he was closing in on 1,000 pages after everything he had been saving up in his mind spilled onto paper. Kevin teamed up with an amazing editor, Ali Bothwell-Mancini, who immersed herself into the project and period of time, as they worked to break Bilge-Rat the saga into three exciting books. “Bilge Rat, Pirate Adventurer will be the first of that series. Kevin’s creative career served him well, as he understands the entertainment industry inside and out. Over the years he has worked with some of world’s greatest performers, and tied in with blockbuster movies. Bilge Rat, Pirate Adventurer recognizes the vacuum that exists in entertainment and he built a team of marketing experts and his literary representatives who would make things happen. Response to this debut work was astounding as Hollywood Reporter identified his book as a “Top Five Deal” within six weeks of the first “reader” copies becoming available in the entertainment capital. With a keen sense of what young adults and mature readers would enjoy, he ventured to fill in the major gaps he found woefully missing in his intensive research of life on the high seas. At the same time, he endeavored to create an interesting and fanciful tale complete with intrigue, romance and suspense that is timeless and ageless. Kevin never lost his sense of humor through the arduous process, nor his allegiance to the breakfast table. As his literary team laid out their marketing plan, one of the agents mentioned how well the tale would adapt for the sale of serial rights. Kevin said, “Cereal rights would be grrrreat!”. Kevin is married to his high school sweetheart, Patricia. Together, they are the proud parents of Kari and Shannon, and even prouder grandparents of Rowan and Lia. Kevin and Pat now reside in Florida, where Kevin can be closer to the sea.