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Book One: Remarkable Rascal

London, England

William Echo Eden-orphan and narrator

Toby Eden-Echo’s younger brother

Arch Deacon Williamson Archibald (Old ghost and Uncle Arch)-Echo’s elderly uncle

Vicar Walters- superior of Saint Agnes of Agony Basilica

John Block-Master Builder Scarf Rockingham-vicious bully

Brutus-John Block’s hound

Slugger O’Toole’s Sport Emporium

Slugger O’Toole- owner/operator of pub

Yankee Sullivan-bare-knuckle fighter

Frenchie Flook-bare-knuckle fighter

Lipless Billy Winder- Scarf’s young assistant

Big Jack Masters-Slugger’s head bouncer

Bloody Beast-canine champion

Poxy Mary- pub doxy

Gwen Corder-street hag


Jedediah Potts (Handy)- Galley master and Echo’s friend and mentor

Achilles- Handy’s former ship in seatale

Edmund Spriggs- black cat victim in Handy’s seatale

Creeping Jeremy- storyteller and mate

Beloved- ship in Creeping Jeremy’s seatale

Samuel Conway-Captain of Amafata

Mr Bass-First Mate

Matt Pyewicket (Stuttering Matt)- whipping victim of Mr. Bass

Jemme Buttons (Grommet Jemme)- suspected jonah and dullard

Ajax Rowe (Bigmouth Ajax)- Mr. Bass’ cuddleup

Shipboard Band:


Nasty Cornelius Marr-squeezebox

Fighting John English-fiddle

Muttering Moses Hart-fife

Grommet Jemme- spoons

Geovanni Perilli (Doc)- shipboard physician

Moses Hayes (Chips)- shipboard carpenter

Baron George Wren- notorious traitor and hanging victim in Chip’s tale

Pablo Cruces- jonah in seatale on “Flying Duchess”

Phillip Watson-victim of greased riggings murder attempt

Monkey Faced Bill- mate

Saint Domingue

Guy Beamount- cruel plantation owner in Voodou tale

Bortu- informal slave leader in Voodou story

Silve- Bortu’s daughter and suicide victim

Cap-Francis- Saint Domingue’s major city

“Palais Le Monde” (Palace)- Saint Domingue’s house of pleasure

Monique La Montaine- Palace owner and operator

Rue La Montaine- Monique’s daughter

Slash Buckets- pirate storyteller

Max Liberty- mate on “Lone Vulture” in Slash’s tale

Tiny Eyed Pete- nick-a-bottle winner

Ding-Dong- injured island mutt

Babar Kismet (Lion)- Turkish pirate

Black Tarantula- pirate scourge of the Caribbean

Angry George- pirate storyteller

Papa Legba- Voodou loa

BouLongo- Voodou high priest

Zombie Jemme- Grommet Jemme in disguise

Adams sisters:

Gertrude- naturalist and healer

Willamina- palm reader

Hortence- aspiring stage actress

Rene Normand- brutal island plantation owner

Big William- Rene Normand’s tormented slave

Sugar Sally- prostitute love of Babar Kismet

“Trident”- Black Tarantula’s transport ship renamed “Spider’s Web”

Gene Fabrege (Catstalker Gene)- miscreant and small animal torturer

“Ocean Vulture”-ship in Handy’s seatale

Thomas Thommes (Captain Tom-Tom)- Captain of “Ocean Vulture”

Squint McGuire- galley slave on “Ocean Vulture”

Long Tall Willie- rescued dwarf knife expert

“Flaming Dragon”- ship in Handy’s seatale

Charlie Crowsfeet- rescued mate of Long Tall Willie

The Great Ricardo- villain and attempted murderer of Long Tall Willie

Gordy Blythe- Handy’s seatale pisstub victim

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Book Two: Black Tarantula

London, England

William Echo Eden (Captain William Bilge and Bilge Rat)- Orphan, galley slave and narrator

Toby Eden-Echo’s younger brother

Arch Deacon Williamson Archibald (Old ghost and Uncle Arch)-Echo’s elderly uncle

Scarf Rockingham- Vicious bully

Slugger O’Toole- Owner and operator of Slugger’s Sports Emporium

Amafata – English Merchantman

Jedediah Potts (Handy)- Galley master and Echo’s friend and mentor

Creeping Jeremy- Storyteller and shipmate

Captain Samuel Conway-Amafata’s Captain

Mr Bass- Malevolent first mate

Jemme Buttons (Grommet Jemme and Zombie Jemme) – Suspected Jonah, dullard and Echo’s friend

Muttering Moses Hart- Shipmate and fife player

Fighting John English- Shipmate and fiddle player

Geovanni Perilli (Doc)- Shipboard physician

Moses Hayes (Chips)- Shipboard carpenter

Saint Domingue

Cap-Francis- St Domingue’s major city

Monique La Montaine- Palais Le Monde’s owner and operator

Rue La Montaine- Monique’s daughter, barmaid and Echo’s lover

Babar Kismet (Lion)- Turkish Pirate

Black Tarantula- Pirate Scourge of the Caribbean

Angry George- Pirate storyteller

Papa Legba- Voodou Loa

Ding-Ding- Island mistreated mutt and Papa Legba’s familiar

Adams Sisters:
Gertrude- Naturalist and Healer
Wilamina- Palm Reader
Hortence- Aspiring stage actress

Sugar Sally – Trollop and lover of Lion Babar

Gene Fabrege (Catstalker Gene) – Miscreant and torturer of small animals

Long Tall Willie- Dwarf seaman and knife expert

Charlie Crowsfeet- Seaman and shipmate of Long Tall Willie Walter Gibbons (Pigsty)- Obese, lazy skedaddler

Droopy Eyed Dick – Sailor who provides basic information on the Black Tarantula’s fortress


Kingston- Island’s main city

Fat Dog’s Pub- Renown Island pub

Fat Dog- Pub’s Owner and operator of renown pub

Gypsy Queen Zarina- Famous and powerful gypsy leader

Bountiful Betty- Fat Dog’s fighting chimp

Sorrowful Suzy- Fat Dog’s fighting chimp

Sir Jonathan William Brisbane III- Island plantation owner, bully and master duelist

Powder Monkey- Sir Jonathan’s Slave and cannon expert

Captain Ronald Shuster Adams- Nephew of Adams sisters and commander of Jamaica’s Fort Charles

Sergeant O’Toole- Cannon training instructor at Fort Charles

Lieutenant Henry Hicks (Toeless)- Fort Charles Commander following Captain Adams

Sergeant Dale Houndstooth- Captain Adams’ second-in-command but demoted in rank by Toeless Hicks

Pig Island- Small uninhabited cay off of French Isle, Martinque

Tommy Boyle- Crewman on Amafata and murder victim on island

Pighead- Heathen tribe’s chieftain

Midnight Crow – Pirate Ship

Rambling Dirk Shivvers- Pirate Captain

Booby Bird Doole – Addled pirate crewman

Danny Goldtooth

Little Joe

Penny Short- Pirate conspirators involved in Cursing Challenge

Black Monk- Ghost story of cleric who was convicted of demonic worship One Eared Pete

Pig Snout Jones- Pirate Fight Night combatants

Strumpet Janie – Trollop in love with One Eared Pete and Pig Snout Jones

Rooster Bill- Monstrous sized pirate and Fight Night combatant

JumpingJimmy- Pirate storyteller aboard Midnight Crow

Bowlegged Billy- Tortured victim in swamp ride tale

Spanish Petey- Pox victim in pirate tale

Crosseyed Mary- Poxed wench in pirate tale

Tiger Eyes- African slave and son of tribal chieftain

Scuttle the Hunchback- Rescued castaway and accomplished blacksmith

South Seas Tan- Pirate mate and hand-to-hand fighting expert

Guadeloupe- French Possession

Pointe-A-Pitre- Major city on French Isle of Guadeloupe

Governor Louis LaCouturie- Greedy Governor of Guadeloupe

Captain Jean Bernard LeMerde- Dishonored French naval officer in charge of Guadeloupe’s marine defenses

Francois Rene Turbout- Plantation owner on nearby Isle, Marie-Gallant and Echo’s friend

Lille Turbout- Rene’s wife

Aimee Turbout- Rene’s sister Luc-a-Luc- Renown Island performer

Rue’s Revenge – Privateer Vessel

No Nose Nottingham- Angry George’s Friend

Father Jericho- Ruse created to free Aimee from kidnappers

Loony Louie- Pirate Castaway and Mermaid sighter

Captain Barnes- Dutch Captain of Loony Louie’s vessel

Captain Juan Hector Sanchez (Captain Happy Jack)- Pirate charlatan and parley misuser

Donny O’Shea (Donny Boy)- Blue/ Brown eyed victim in Mermaid tale Shankhand- Mermaid story’s thief

Guzzlin’ Gooch- Extreme drunkard

Neptune’s Revenge- Captain Happy Jack’s renamed pirate vessel

St Lucia

Soufriere- fishing village on St Lucia

Sharkface Topper- Owner and operator of island’s pub

Hungry Shark- Sharkface Topper’s pub

BC Islands – Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao

Captain Ricardo Inez Viola – Spanish Captain of Man-O-War patrolling southern Caribbean


Hurricane Jeffers – Evil hearted knave and soundrel who is the Black Tarantula’s First Mate