A maniacal fiend masquerading as a thieving pirate has intentionally catapulted the entirety of the West Indies into utmost panic and pandemonium. This dastardly hellion’s moniker is the Black Tarantula. Far more demon than mortal, this pirate rogue delights in the torture, persecution and outright slaughter of countless innocents both on land as well at sea. Landlubbers and sailors alike are fraught with harrowing dread and unmitigated apprehension at the mere mention of this degenerate demon’s name. Although a decidedly daunting and perilous undertaking, there exists one gallant and heroic individual willing to risk all in a showdown with this unconscionable lunatic. His name is Captain William Bilge, the courageous narrator and protagonist of the Bilge Rat, Pirate Adventurer series.

Welcome to the Golden Age of Piracy! This exceedingly brief but profoundly memorable time span spawned copious well-known reprobates such as Blackbeard, Calico Jack and Black Bart to name but a few. In the majority of instances, these nautical plunderers have been portrayed in both literature and film as noble and gallant adventurers and paladins. These honorable and virtuous representations could not be further from the truth. In reality, pirates were notorious criminals and despicable cowards preying on the weak and helpless as they perpetuated countless acts of savagery and barbarity.

The Bilge Rat, Pirate Adventurer series paints a vastly divergent recreation of the raucous and brutal world of pirates. Expunged are the overly dramatized swashbuckling duels amongst rivals, the fictitious histrionics of rescuing damsels from debauchery and defilement, the silver screen’s fantasy of marching captured prisoners to their everlasting doom by walking the plank and the ridiculous folly of having these seafaring rogues bury their immense treasures on isolated atolls. In absolute contrast, this intriguing and action-packed series furnishes a far more realistic chronicle of pirate lifestyles and behavior.

The series centers on an exceptional lad who at a very young age was forced into a life of piracy. Miraculously surviving one lethal encounter after another, this courageous and intrepid individual rises in the ranks of his psychopathic compatriots to become their chosen commander. Surrounded by a myriad of fascinating rascals and rapscallions, this valiant adventurer labors diligently to hone his crew into a disciplined squadron capable of battling and defeating any and all challengers.

This heroic tar, Captain William Bilge, now faces the most daunting challenge of his entire lifetime. He is tasked with facing his most treacherous and deranged adversary, the Black Tarantula, in order to rescue his beloved fiancée from the demon’s insidious clutches. To accomplish this formidable and perilous mission, he will need to rely on his well-trained crew, his proven cunning and every trick in his honed arsenal in order to claim victory. The question is, will that be enough?